Professional Consulting

Offering professional strategic, agility,  product, UX, diversity and inclusion consulting experience in Fortune 500 organizations. Key experiences in the retail, legal, insurance, financial services, healthcare, and utility industries.


Training and Workshops

Certified public and private SAFe training, product management and ownership, ScrumMaster, and other product management and agility workshops (scaling UX, storymapping, value stream mapping, release management etc.)


Women in Agile Org

President and Executive Director of Women in Agile Org (501(c)3) with over five years of experience in the movement and organization of international gatherings of diverse women and allies.


Lean UX

SAFe Contributor with guidance article on Lean UX. Creator of UX Runway and scaling UX and integrating into agile product development since the inception of SAFe in Fortune 500 organizations. 2-day Scaling UX & DesignOps course available.

My Philosophy

The difference between caring and caring enough to do something

Organizations and the people who run them care. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be gainfully employed. But care doesn’t translate into action. Often we fall off track, get caught in red tape, and give into the status quo and learned helplessness.

I help organizations tackle their strategies and practices from a place of caring and understanding that goes beyond what frameworks alone can do. To truly change the behavior of the organization we have to change the people within it and that takes more than just implementing a framework. It takes caring, invitation, inclusivity to implement action, and supportive interaction each step of the journey. Let’s transition together!


What My Clients Say

“Natalie was able to relate many of the complex concepts to stories about real life – her experience or situations she has come in contact with. She is extremely well-read and her passion for the topics really came through in her instructions.”

SAFe Class Attendee
Financial services company

“She was a good listener and tried to address any questions succinctly and directly. She was able to present the material in a timely manner and had a great rapport with the class. I was never bored as I have been in other training sessions – her ability to keep the class engaged was very skillful!”

SAFe Class Attendee
Insurance company

Natalie was brought into our organization to analyze how Agile was implemented and was functioning. She interviewed several individuals and groups throughout the organization, provided an in depth analysis, and proposed strategic steps for an implementation plan moving forward. She is very adept at communicating and evoking opinions from individuals at every level of an organization. She has a passion for her work, and at every step of the way, she acknowledged our company needs.

Former Client
Utility services company

Latest Posts

Formerly known as Confessions of a ScrumMaster, my blog has been named as one of the best project management blogs by Capterra and Paymo to name a few.

Name Your Trigger – Team Vulnerability Activity

Team activity to establish trust and get teams through the storming phase together.

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March 26, 2019 0

Why being replaceable is a GOOD thing

Being replaceable in work may not seem like a good thing. But I definitely think it can be. Those who disagree tend to think about replaceability in a negative sense. Who wants to think there is someone else out there that can do your job as well (or better) than you? A lot of this comes from a scarcity mindset: that there are only a set number of jobs and once they are taken that’s it. But new jobs are created all the time as long as there is a case that demands it.

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December 31, 2018 1

The Surprising Truth About What De-Motivates Us

I’m a competitive person by nature – everyone would tell you so. I’ve had jobs that give me bonuses based on how well I do compared to others, how well the company does in the market, and how ‘hard’ I work, so to say, based on some arbitrary metrics. I hadn’t thought about bonuses as being demotivating before because I like to compete (and win). In some of my experience they have driven behaviors of lower collaboration and higher negative competition where the only winner is the company itself and not the individual employee doing the work (and the company can only win in that situation for so long before people get frustrated and either leave or stop trying). Doesn’t sound like the ideal situation.

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August 20, 2018 1

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