Presenting in Lviv, Ukraine at IT Arena Conference

As Maria Popova¬†discussed in a podcast I heard, blogging is about writing for yourself. If you don’t write what you want to write and what you would want to read, it won’t be sustainable. That’s what this blog is – a place for my musings, rants, frustrations, successes, failures, learnings, and ideas (both good and bad). There will be rawness, likely profanity, and full honesty and transparency (except for most names and companies to protect the not so innocent). I hope that through my experience you can find something to take away that will help you or your teams in the quest for agility and continuous learning.


Other fun facts:

  • #womenInAgile aspiring feminist
  • Avid reader
  • Harry Potter buff
  • Swimmer/Triathlete
  • ~20 year Cribbage player
  • Snowboarder

No need for a longer bio. You’re a smart and resourceful person: for more information about my experience, credentials, posts, writing, or speaking, please connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or email. I’d love to hear from you! Thanks for visiting.